Marrying the traditional with the contemporary

 Marrying the traditional with the contemporary!

Named after the town in which they have been produced for over 250 years, Chettinad sarees were introduced and patronised by the wealthy Nagarathar community of Chettinad. Being one of the oldest traditional sarees from the state of Tamil Nadu, these sarees still find their way into the modern day avatars of many women, thanks to its distinctive features.  These handwoven sarees are undoubtedly classics, which never grow old with time.

Chettinad sarees are well known for the distinguished and visually appealing use of tints, lines and shapes. Judicious choice of colours and exceptional design of patterns, these sarees never fail to leave lovely impressions by making heads turn! 

Also commonly known as Kandaangi sarees, these signature pieces handcrafted by the weaving community of the town were draped around the body and worn without a blouse or an underskirt. For this reason,  the weaves of the saree tended to be thicker than usual. 

Chettinad Sarees are woven using the fly shuttle weaving techniques in raised pit looms. Skilled weavers from ancient days originally used 3 shuttles in order to obtain the perfect contrast coloured borders on both sides of the saree. The pannai (needle frame) was specially made using hand-sliced bamboo. In order to achieve the right amount of tenderness, the bamboo sticks were handpicked by the artisans. 

A FUN DETAIL/ FUN FACT - Primarily, the width of Chettinad sarees was 91 cm rather than the current width of 120 centimeters. This was to ensure that ornate anklets adorned by the wearer would be on proper display!

Present day fashion trends see geometrical patterns printed on the cotton base and with zari borders and colourful pallus to give that refreshing change. The Chettinad sarees can be worn  for both traditional occasions and formal trendy corporate wear.

When it comes to contemporary designs, as these sarees are specially versatile, they can be worn comfortably on a daily basis, for ethnic day celebrations at your offices, for formal occasions and parties. 

High on style yet connected to traditional roots, this piece of art is a reflection of our rich Indian culture and is perfect for women of any generation. Style up your saree with by giving it a modern spin with some of our styling tips-

Pair your chettinad saree with a contrasting crop top along with contemporary jewellery to make a style statement- creating a sort of modern twist into the traditional wear!

Compliment your look with your traditional temple jewellery or kundan sets 

to match the sheen of the saree. 

Opt for statement earrings along with nose-rings and bindis to complete your look. 

You can also pair your chettinad saree with a well fitted kalamkari blouse & terracotta jewelry pieces. 

Every Chettinad saree breathes and radiates an energy of its own. Create the elegant yet modern ‘Chettinad magic’ by adding these beautiful sarees to your wardrobe!

Nerige Story’s Chettinad collection- Marrying the traditional with the contemporary!

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