Traditions have a way of instilling a deep sense of nostalgia and emotion in us and have always brought people together.

At Nerige Story, we value and honor traditions that make us who we are!

With  Nerige BackToTraditions, we hope to give you a chance to relive such traditions.

 Here is the gorgeous Asha Bhat draped in a stunning Nerige Saree sharing her Nerige BackToTraditions story...


"Our India, our traditions, our attires, our sarees are our pride! Born and brought up in Bhadravathi and with ancestral roots in Hubli and Kasargodu, I have always been around women in traditional and elegant sarees! The first time I fell in love with sarees was when I saw my mother in her green valkalam saree! She looked absolutely stunning and it took my breath away! I knew instantly that I had to drape her saree one day. I finally got the opportunity to drape my mother’s beautiful Valkalam saree for a traditional folk dance competition in the 4th grade!

I struggled to drape sarees in the beginning but as time passed by, even that became a cake-walk. Cotton sarees are my absolute favourite, light, soft, and comfortable, these sarees are my go-to attires for weddings, naming ceremonies, and casual parties! Green and yellow sarees are my personal favourite! This is my story of the first time I fell in love with a saree, what’s yours?"


Here, the stunning Ranjani Raghavan draped in our saree - Kanasu, sharing her Nerige BackToTraditions Story..

"I still remember using my mother’s dupattas or a towel to drape around myself like a saree, trying to fit into my mother’s shoes! Every little girl dreams of one day draping a saree like her mother and I have carried this legacy on to my adult life.
As kids, we have all draped sarees for our school annual days but the first time I exclusively draped a saree was for my high-school graduation. From picking out the jewellery to deciding the blouse pattern, the entire experience was surreal.

I walked out of my room, butterflies in my stomach, and all dolled up for my farewell function. I could see that my parents were so overwhelmed after looking at me in a saree - an adult rite of passage I suppose. I found it extremely hard to pose for my graduation pictures while managing my pallu but I enjoyed the feeling!

Now, as years have passed by, I still struggle to drape a saree in minutes like my mom does but I am learning it, pleat by pleat!"


- Here, gorgeous Apoorva Srinivasan is draped in our saree - Padmapriya, sharing her Nerige BackToTraditions Story...

"Growing up, classical dance and Carnatic music were a central part of our daily routine. While packing my school bag, a change of clothes for dance class and my music notebook were the first to be packed.  It was an extension of our academic routine and every evening my sister and I would then show our parents what we learned that day in dance and music class. It was treated on par with our academic syllabus, and we took them very seriously! 

Looking back now, I realize not a day goes by now without music and dance. Probably the music I listen to and groove to is different, but I know this seed was sown when we were kids, jiggling our bells to beautiful melodious classical music.”  🎶


- Here is dancer Mahima’s #NerigeBackToTraditon story -

“ The very first saree I had worn was for a small role in a dance drama presentation. I remember being in 5th or 6th grade- It was a classic Mysore silk saree, my mom doing my pleats, while the playful me moved all along.

Not long after did we actually go saree shopping, this time to turn it into costumes for me. But nonetheless, the fabric, the garment, just felt right.

Fast forward to now, you’ll see that the saree has become a part of my everyday life. I travel on flights in a saree, attend formal events in a saree, and spend my weekends in a saree as well. It really is the most versatile piece of garment I've ever seen. 

I now receive sarees from my students, friends and family as they know just how much of an impact a saree had on an 11 year old Mahima!”


-Here is gorgeous actress Kavitha Nair sharing her Nerige BackToTraditions story - 

“There is a unique fragrance when vibhuti blends with bilva patra leaves. When it happens within an ancient temple, it changes or heals without withering you out. 

This picture encapsulates lots of memories from the past, of times alone and awareness. Accepting how mystifying everything is! Spaces like these have definitely helped me not to succumb to that ever present void we all have! Therefore I love me the most when I am visiting these places, In that drape, in smile, in sync with life. When you go to any house of worship on odd timings, you will only have the continuous pigeon coos, occasional bells and chanting. Eventually everything you listens fade into stimulating silence. 

This series is a small token to those special spaces I found in my life. To those cold feet, morning sun, mullappoo and warm drapes 🌸🙏🏽”



Here is beautiful actress Nithyashri’s #NerigeBackToTraditon story revolves around the simple game of Pallanguzhi that reminds us of nostalgic evenings spent with the women of the household, a cup of chai in hand and endless conversations till dinner time. Traditionally played using tamarind seeds, nuts or any grains found around the house, the game in itself puts to use our memory, motor, coordination and observational skills. 

“Every evening an hour before sunset granny would bring out her big pallanguzhi and set it out for us. She would teach us how to play and while we played to our heart’s content, she would sit behind us unbraiding our hair and would massage our scalps with lustrous oil while overseeing the game. 

Sometimes she would also treat us to a song or two or a story about her life. It was all so simple, every evening showered with her love. It’s a fond memory that takes me back to my roots, a tradition we still try to uphold even in today's time.”