Chettinad cotton sarees, also known as the Kandaangi sarees are signature pieces crafted by the Devanga Chettiars of Tamil Nadu. Because of the
region they hail from, the fabric of these sarees are known for their ability to stay cool and absorbent, ideal for hot and humid temperatures.

Chettinad sarees are woven with pit looms or raised pit looms using the fly shuttle
weaving technique. The prints are characterised by contrast borders and uniquely
intricate designs. They come in plain, stripes and checks with simple striped pallus. It’s individuality lies in the contrasts of colors brought out in stripe and check patterns. A prized possession for most Indian women, the charm of the Kandaangi sarees lies in its beautiful ethnic look. However, due to its versatility, the art is evolving to become more contemporary by giving the patterns a more modern look.