The art of Ajrakh has a glorious history of being practiced for over four
thousand years by the Khatri community in Kutch, Gujarat. The word Ajrakh is derived from the word ‘Azrak’, the Arabic word for the color Blue or Indigo. It is characterized by complex geometric and floral patterns.

The Ajrakh sarees are handcrafted with color palettes that borrow from all elements of nature - the sun, earth, animals, trees and rivers are all part of its making. These sarees are made using block-printed colour with the resist-dyeing technique and natural dyes. The art of making an Ajrakh saree requires skill and patience. It is made in 14 to 16 different stages of dyeing and printing, which can take anything between 14 to 21 days to complete. The resulting fabric is soft against skin with jewel-like sheen, luxurious texture and a beautiful finish.