Nerige Story is a celebration of India’s rich cultural heritage through tapestries masterfully woven in tales of culture and tradition.

We are passionate about nurturing the art of the loom with a contemporary approach. 

Thereby highlighting both the weaver's exceptional craftsmanship as well as enabling the modern woman to make these six yards her very own.

One saree at a time, we aim to seamlessly weave together the community of artisans bringing this beautiful craft to the world and the women passionate about draping them.


Meet the Founders

How It All Started

It all first started when Shashank Sivapurapu and Pooja Nadig quit their well-paying corporate jobs in 2019 and began working towards their shared vision of showcasing India’s rich artisanal heritage to the world.

Says Pooja "For me, seeing things through a vintage lens and capturing the old-world charm in everyday life is something I’ve always been passionate about. With sarees, I was able to do just that! "

"Having draped sarees for every occasion, the versatility of the drape and my love for it are what drove my passion"

Shashank brings an undeniable “let’s go for it!” energy and an entrepreneurial spirit to the brand and with Nerige Story, two very different passions came together with a shared vision.


Naming Our Brand

To represent all that we wanted to nurture at our brand - culture, art, and exceptional craftsmanship, we decided on the word Nerige, pronounced ‘nay-ree-gay’. 

It originates from Kannada and translates to ‘Pleats of a Saree’ - the beautiful folds of a saree that holds heritage stories woven onto intricate tapestries.

And With That...

We launched in 2019 with the mission to bring the traditional craftsmanship of the artisans of India to the forefront with a contemporary approach, so the modern woman could make it her own.